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Taco Catering in Whittier

Our Introduction

Taco Catering in Whittier, CA

Taco Catering Whittier can help you find top taco caterers. There are plenty of options available, including beef, chicken, and pork tacos. There’s something for everyone. Taco carts make it easy to provide affordable food for everyone.

Catering a taco party takes serious planning. Mexican food needs to be delicious and served at the right temperature and texture, which requires commitment from the staff. Our staff is trained to make sure your tacos are delicious.

Whittier #1 Choice for Taco Catering

We provide award-winning, full-service catering in the Whittier area. Our friendly and helpful staff can assist with all aspects of your event, from backyard family get-togethers to weddings to corporate functions. We are passionate about quality food, outstanding service, and reasonable pricing. It’s easier than ever to plan your family catering, corporate catering, and wedding catering.

We are well-known for our exceptional corporate catering services. Let us help you succeed. You will be motivated and inspired to achieve your monthly goals with our catered meals. A luncheon is not something you want to do by yourself. We can deliver to your event or provide full-service catering. Our menu has something for everyone.

Our corporate catering services are tailored to suit your needs whether you are feeding VIP clients or your entire team. You’ll love our casual yet delicious taco services. We offer both buffet-style catering and a variety of side dishes, either half or full pan. We’re eager to help with planning your next event.

Your event deserves exceptional quality and customized options. Our from-scratch menus can be customized and presented professionally. We can cater for any event with the same high-quality service, regardless of how large or small. Our taco catering service is well-known for its freshness, delicious food, and excellent service.

Whittier Taco Catering
Taco Catering Whittier
Whittier Taco Catering

What is Taco Catering and Why Do People Love It?

Taco catering is a popular option for people who like the flexibility of having tacos served at their event. There are many ways to cook tacos and you can use a variety of combinations. There are many filling options, including beef, chicken, and pork.

Tacos are one of the most popular Mexican foods. Tacos are great for any occasion or party.

Everyone should feel happy at your event. Tacos are a great option to please everyone. Tacos taste great no matter what ingredient combination you use.

Don’t wait! We provide first-class Taco Catering near Whittier.

Where to find Taco Cart Catering in Whittier

This is a great starting point when looking for a taco cart for your next event. Taco carts provide convenience and high quality for guests. It can be time-consuming to search online for local businesses. Let us help you!

We can help find the best taco catering. There are many options available, including beef, chicken, pork, and even vegetarian tacos. We have something to suit every taste!

We offer taco parties throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. We are proud to serve fresh and delicious tacos. Our service includes on-site taco catering and delivery for corporate events, baby showers, weddings, and other Mexican-themed events. You can find us anywhere parties are happening in Southern California.

Taco Catering near Whittier includes Montebello, Norwalk, El Monte in Los Angeles County. We also provide taco catering services in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and San Diego County. Contact us to find out more about our taco catering pricing.

Taco Cart Catering Whittier

Areas We Service

You can have your meals prepared, cooked, and served exactly as you want them to be. Ensuring you are getting the best Mexican cuisine available.

You’ll find the best taco catering service in Whittier and Norwalk, El Monte, Downey, Rosemead, Bellflower. Our taco catering service is your best choice. We can cater to any event, such as weddings or corporate events.

We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We will exceed all your expectations from the moment you place an order up until the day that we cater your party. Treat yourself to Whittier best Mexican food catering. Los Angeles County taco man catering is delicious and convenient. We can cater on-site or deliver to your venue.

Cities we serve near Whittier:

Los Angeles, Altadena, Pomona, Gardena, Delta, Carson, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Montrose, Perry & more…

Why Work with Us?

We can cater for any event or party. No need to stress about the food, we will prepare delicious street tacos for you. All of our street tacos are made with the finest meats, just like Grandma does.

Relax and have fun. Our full taco menu is available for you to impress your guests. Our team is always available to help you plan memorable taco parties. Soon you’ll see why our Mexican food catering is unparalleled. Our menus are customizable to your specifications.

We only use the highest quality cuts of meat and grill them to perfection. Our condiments shouldn’t even be called condiments. These delicious toppings add flavor and enhance the taco. It’s not all about the tacos either. We have a variety of mouthwatering and delicious foods to delight your taste buds.

Our staff is professional, and we make sure you have a great time. You don’t have to worry about finding the right catering company for your next event. Let us show you how great taco catering can be.

Whittier Taco Man
Taco Man Whittier

How It Works

Taco carts provide guests with the perfect combination of convenience, quality, and affordability. It can be time-consuming to search online for local businesses. Let us help you!

Tacos are customizable: You have many options when it comes to fillings. There are many options: You can choose from beef, chicken, or pork, seafood, beans, and rice. Our wide variety of salsas and sauces will make your tacos unique.

We provide all the equipment needed for party catering. We provide the best Mexican Food Catering service. The authentic Mexican flavors will make you happy. Your guests will see that we are different from other caterers.

Our Taco Catering Services

Wedding Taco Catering

Do you want something more than the traditional wedding reception meal? Los Angeles County’s Wedding Taco Catering is open all year. You have made the right choice when looking for a caterer who can prepare tacos near Whittier.

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your entire life. It’s our goal to make your day unforgettable. Wedding taco catering is our specialty.

Our goal is to make your day memorable. We have catering carts that offer gourmet tacos or other cuisines to make your occasion memorable and fun.

You can have delicious food prepared and served at your wedding venue by our onsite Taco Cart Catering or Wedding Taco Bar. We can also deliver tacos hot to your location.

You get to offer fresh and delicious Mexican food to your guests on your special day. We offer onsite catering services for wedding receptions and after-parties.

For more information on the benefits of our Wedding Taco Catering service, visit our service page.

Corporate Taco Catering

We specialize in traditional Mexican tacos but also have gourmet options. Simple yet elegant, tacos are our specialty. We only use the finest ingredients in our recipes. A taco cart is a great way to bring flavor and style to your corporate event.

Modern, sleek taco carts are perfect for any corporate event. Our taco carts provide amazing food and delicious salsas, as well as great side dishes.

Companies throughout Whittier provide lunch catering every day. Corporate caterers are hired for all types of events, such as hosting clients or meetings.

Any office event can be catered using creative and varied menus to suit any event and every dietary need. Our catering services can accommodate any size group. Our services include corporate catering for breakfast and lunch.

Taco catering at the office or company picnic can help motivate staff and attract talent. Don’t get caught up in the details. Contact us to see how we can help with your next corporate event.

For more information on the benefits of our Corporate Taco Catering service, visit our service page.

Birthday Taco Catering

It’s all about having fun with friends and family at birthday parties. Taco catering is great for children as well as adults at a birthday party.

A taco caterer can make it easy to plan your party. A taco caterer can help you host a party that is themed around tacos by providing a wide range of foods at various stations.

Our tacos are always delicious and fresh. Delivery and onsite catering services are available. Our services are available wherever you may be in Whittier.

Taco catering is a great option for birthday parties. You will find the most delicious taco cart food in So Cal with this amazing service! Our team can create an unforgettable backyard party.

For more information on the benefits of our Birthday Party Taco Catering service, visit our service page.

Baby Shower Taco Catering

Baby showers often end up with more guests than just mom and her friends. Often, guests include their spouses and other family members. This means that there should be plenty of options for food. If children attend, you can provide child-friendly food such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Of course, kids always love tacos and quesadillas too!!!

You want only the best! We bring our A-Game to every baby shower. Our staff is skilled in providing tacos to the Whittier area. We are punctual, and our staff will be available to help you. Only the best meats are used.

Our menu includes more than just tacos. Your guests can enjoy a wide variety of tasty food. Vegetarians and vegans can also choose from veggie tacos. Guests can choose from a variety of salsas and side dishes. You can even order drinks too!!!

For more information on the benefits of our Baby Shower Taco Catering service, visit our service page.

Taco Catering Whittier

Best Atmosphere

Taco catering has a unique atmosphere that you cannot find with other party caterers.

Taco Catering Whittier

High Food Quality

The quality of our food is excellent. Our food is fresh and cooked right in front of your guests’ eyes.

Taco Catering Whittier

Budget Friendly

Taco catering is often much more affordable than other caterers.

Amazing service for a last-minute 16th birthday party catered in our back yard on a windy Saturday! Top-notch crew, amazing food, and the two behind the taco grill did an amazing job! Will absolutely use again and refer as much as we can!! Thank you!

Taco Catering Questions & Answers

How far do you travel?

We provide our taco cart catering to Whittier and all of Southern California. If you think you might be outside our service area just ask.

Are vegetarian and/or vegan tacos available?

We do offer a vegetarian option of grilled veggies - zucchini, yellow squash, red & green bell pepper, onion, mushroom & garlic. We also provide a vegetarian bean option and rice option. Ask about our other options.

What happens with the leftovers?

All leftovers are yours to keep. We will box everything up for you.

Do you cook on location?

Yes, we cook on location and serve directly from our cart.